About The Eggemoggin Notebooks

This website is part of my year-long experiment in digital publishing. It’s a work-always-in-progress, combining the immediacy of a contemporary blog with the emphasis on writing and ideas that one finds in a traditionally published book. As it develops, you’ll find essays, feuilletons and notes that I’ve written scribbled in notebooks — both traditional and digital — over the last several decades, with an emphasis on the most recent. I tend to write about the things that create meaning in my life: books, human nature, the environment, philosophy, psychology and ideas. But I also write about cycling, hiking, and technology. As I’ve said elsewhere, all of this work represents a 30-year effort to understand the world we share and to contribute to this last-ditch effort against entropy.

The site gets its name from the Eggemoggin Reach, a body of water that separates Deer Isle from the spruce-and-hackmatack shores of Down East Maine. I’ve been coming to Stonington on the southeast tip of Deer Isle, since the early 1990s. In 2012, we bought a house in town, and in the late summer of 2021 we moved in year-round. It is an inspiring place to live, work and write.


If you are interested in learning more about me and what I do, please visit my main website where I’ve posted a biographical note, clips from my work in journalism and content marketing, and links to related projects. You can also use this form to contact me.

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